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January 23, 2008

I dunno, in general it seems like I’ve gotten good feedback on the cover art I did for the 1st edition. Yeah, it did look a bit old-fashioned but on the other hand at least it was reasonably distinctive relative to other high-tech books out there.

But apparently the people at my publisher hate the old cover. (I think this is mostly the marketing folks). Mostly because they don’t quite understand what the point of it is. (For the record, it’s an example of one of the first ‘composite’ photos – wayy wayy before any of this digital stuff started showing up – and it’s discussed in the body of the book as well).

So they wanted something more modern. Originally I was thinking about just doing an update that was primarily a color and (minor) font update – something like this:

But that was too boring for them so then I tried to get clever with the node-thing and did this:

…which also met with little positive feedback. So, okay, then let’s just throw a bunch of stuff on the page and see what sticks. I didn’t seriously expect this one to fly:

But this one:

Made them a little happier at least. (I also sent one without motion blur, which they preferred). So right now I’ve sent off the following:

… and we’ll see what they say. I’m a bit bored by it all at this point :-).


One Response to “Cover Art…”

  1. matt Says:

    Congrats on finishing the new edition! I got hooked on your book via Alex and the PXC, and I can’t wait for the next version. I’ve got a leftover borders gift card ready to go. 😉

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