Actual confirmed sighting of new book

June 20, 2008

Well, my author copy has just shown up. Woohoo! Looks pretty good, although I’ve been afraid to do more than look at a couple of pages because I don’t want to find any of the horrible mistakes that I’m sure are waiting for me 🙂 From what I can tell the images look reasonably good, although a bit darker than I’d hoped. Sigh. But at least there’s a DVD in the back of it!

So hopefully this means that the book is shipping everywhere now. Amazon still shows it’s not shipping immediately but maybe that’ll change by next week.


5 Responses to “Actual confirmed sighting of new book”

  1. Moulay Says:

    I want this book, so badly! It is long overdue, 9 years man!!!

    Ron: seen ur pics on amazon, you have been in Morocco? that is where i am from…Agadir…

    I want ur book, but it is so expensive!


  2. Ron Says:

    Yup, that picture of the camel is down in the Sahara in the East, near Merzouga. Beautiful country – I’d love to go back.

    The book _is_ expensive… my publisher sets the prices on books and that’s the best they could do. We tried to keep the cost down by making it a paperback but still, it’s a lot bigger than the 1st edition.

    Hopefully some used copies start to show up online and you can grab one there.

  3. Moulay Says:

    Thanks Ron.

    I am actually taking your course at fxphd. How cool is that. And I have a brand new book, 🙂 Enjoying the reading so far.

    Merzouga: wow, you went deep inside the berber Morocco. Did you lecture in Morocco?

  4. Ron Says:

    No lecturing there – purely vacation. But maybe next time I can convince some university to pay for my flight 🙂

  5. Moulay Says:

    -first off, nice class #2. And u look tanned, so I believe Mike puts u on beach jobs between classes, rite? :). I actually studied your 1st edition and now it feels good to restudy everything with the second edition..

    -Morocco and VFX: well, you will be disappointed, no university in morocco teaches this craft. There is a private college/school however (first in the country) in Marrakesh that specializes in design, film etc, perhaps a possibility with that school, hopefully the students there can follow an English lecture, since teaching is done mostly in french, do u speak french? no? I can translate, for you:). But Never say Never, I know friends here in the US who organized courses with the univs there in fields like filmmaking, editing for instance…

    -I actually live in New York city, so I have access to everything I need VFX wise, although for now, I approach it as a serious hobby.

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