New Website, etc…

June 20, 2008

For those of you who got here directly via, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a new website up there. It features a variety of things that I hope will prove useful for readers of the book. Specifically, here’s the most important things that I’ve put up there:

1) Forum Discussions. If you want to discuss/argue/refute or complain about something in the book, here’s the place to do it. Rather than try to break things up into arbitrary categories I figured I’d just let the discussions flow based on the chapters of the book.

2) User-modifiable Wiki’s for the Glossary and Appendix A of the book. These two sections seemed like ideal candidates to open up to the user community who can correct, extend and enhance what is in the published edition. Feel free to add new terms, etc. And since it is a Wiki it should be reasonably self-policing. If someone posts something you don’t agree with (or that just doesn’t belong there), feel free to change it!

3) Social stuff: I went ahead and created a Facebook group for compositing – not sure how much traction this will have but I figured it could be convenient to have a common place where people can get in touch with each other. The ‘Frappr’ map that I originally set up a few years ago is still active as well – click on the link and go put a pin in the map for where you’re located.

Incidentally, for those of you who normally follow this blog via an RSS feed subscription, you’ll need to change where your feed is pointing. Click on the “Entries RSS” link over on the right and you’ll get to the new one.

A big ‘Thank You’ to fxguide/fxphd for their help setting this up and hosting it. Especially to Mark Dascoli who wrangled all the main page layout for me. Thanks Mark!

For all of this stuff, feedback is very welcome. Just leave comments here in the blog or within the appropriate forum and I’ll definitely see it. Looking forward to hearing what people think. Thanks for visiting!


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