Book used in classrooms?

July 31, 2008

Hey, a quick question for everybody – I’m trying to figure out which schools are using my book in the classroom.  And by ‘classroom’ I mean any sort of training institution, including online.  If you’ve got any insight into this, leave me a note in the comments below. ( Ideally some details about the name of the institution, the specific class it was used in and even the name of the teacher would be handy.)  Thanks!


21 Responses to “Book used in classrooms?”

  1. mummey Says:

    Not sure if its required text, but I know that the students at Gnomon are using your book.

  2. I first found out about your book from my instructor Robert Raccine at the University of New Orleans. It was a digital theory and technology class. That was about 4 years ago. I’m not sure of the current status of that instructor/University.

  3. Scott Carmichael Says:

    Ron, saw your post on twitter. I use your book as a recommended, not required, in my motion graphics class here at Indiana univ.

  4. Mike Seymour Says:

    We will be using it at fxphd next term


  5. Hi Ron,

    I also recommend your book for my Media Compositing and Advanced Visual Effects classes at, but do not require it. I’m at The Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg.

    My impression of the first edition was that it was rather intimidating to students. It seemed to be one of those books that most students don’t realize is incredibly helpful until they’re well out of school.

    I haven’t yet purchased your new edition, but I look forward to it.


    P.S. Was that a leak by Mike? Are you helping out with a course over at fxphd? I’d be game…

  6. Ron Says:

    @Jeremy –

    The new edition is rearrranged somewhat so maybe it’ll be a little more accessible. Lots of new case-studies too, which might help to prevent boredom 🙂

    (I used to live in Schaumburg, by the way. Prior to getting into VFX though).

  7. Matt Leonard Says:

    Hi Ron,

    We would always be recommending your book in our compositing courses, be it Nuke, Fusion or AE. I have incorporated an number of concepts into our courses but we are not really using the book as a training aid.

    Matt Leonard
    Sphere VFX

  8. Daniel Thuresson Says:

    Hi Ron,
    during the year of some lecturing Ive always,
    had your first edition as the required reading.
    It was used at Mha Malmö Sweden, course discontinued.
    And used at Interactive Academy Eksjö, Sweden.

    I’ve evened used some of the old Masters of VFX,
    and they still have a special case in my book case 🙂

    And do hold some gold nuggets even to this day.


  9. domenic Says:

    I’ll be using your book in my digital compositing class at Cañada Comunity College in Redwood City.

  10. Stuart Franey Says:

    I have had the library buy your book at The Royal College of Art, UCA Maidstone and Loughborough University School of Art and Design. I recommend students read it and always bring my copy to class to demonstrate. These are for animation classes as a part of an art or design course.


  11. Hi Ron,

    The first edition is a core text for the VFX Unit I teach at SAE Sydney (See Website). Now that the superb second edition is out, we will be updating for the all the Australian SAE Colleges.

    The DVD is a great addition and I have started to put the new information to work in my lectures. I’m also taking your course over at Fxphd and loving it. Congrats!

  12. clint Says:

    At Full Sail University my instructor made heavy references to your material and had the book on hand at all times for students if they didn’t have a copy themselves. Evidently you two had talked a couple of times before…or maybe I misunderstood him.

  13. Martin Foster Says:

    Hey Ron, long time no see. I know you from Click3x and Nothing Real days.

    I will be using your new edition in my colour and lighting class in Beijing, China.

    I haven’t ordered the book yet, but I will do that ASAP. I had the previous edition but couldn’t bring it to China. The baggage weight limit on most airlines precludes a lot of book baggage.

    Anyway, the DVD sounds great. Good luck with your book.


  14. Ron Says:

    Hey Martin, good to hear from you again. Apologies in advance for the fact that the new book is even heavier than the old one! 🙂

  15. Arie Says:

    Hi Ron,

    I used your book each semester since its earlier publication in my VFX class at UT Austin, in the Dept. of Radio-Television-Film. Was an excellent book, and the students really appreciated the details and breakdown. I was also inspired. Thanks!


  16. Ian Murphy Says:

    Hello Ron,

    I have written and taught the compositing module on the MA in Digital Post Production at the National Film and Televsion School, Beaconsfield England.

    Your second edition is now the core theory reading week to week on the 10 week block. I take the students through a new comp topic each week, and get the students to read the relevant theory from your book.

    I had previously given them your old Siggraph course paper to read.

    Everyone really loves the case studies. A welcome edition to the new book.


  17. Спасибо за инфу!

  18. M V K CHAITANYA Says:

    i use it always in my classes. i work as vfx instructor at frameboxx,india.

  19. Vijay kumar Says:

    We are using your book as the main reference for the subject Digital composting, for (B.Tech) Electronics and Media Technology students in our college(Karunya University, Coimbatore, India).
    This is the 1st time v’v introduced this subject for students. I’m very much impressed and inspired by this book. Students also likes the subject and this book…its easy to understand evrything in detail and explanation is very good..
    Thank you

  20. Ivor Ribeiro da Silva Says:

    Hi Ron,
    I study animation at AVK St. Joost Art School in Breda the Netherlands. In the Professional Skills your book in required text. Instructor is named Henk van Alphen.

    Kind Regards


  21. Alex Jennings Says:

    Hello Ron
    I have just completed a compositing subject where your book is the prescribed text. I am doing a Bachelor of Animation and Visual Effects at CSU of wagga, Australia. We are taught to think of each book as our bible in for that subject. Our lecturer whom constructed the course ground up has put a ridiculous amount of time in considering texts for our class, he could write a short thesis on why he has chosen this text and in some cases has. He is underappreciated in some respects with the amount of effort that goes into his course and that’s what bring me to my point, I already could expect the prescribed text would be very informative, coherent and everything needed to get a start on compositing, and it did! I felt the need to write to you about, and if you would like to see some of the results of the assignments produced from reading your book please feel free to email and get in contact. I’m sure my class we honoured to hear from you.
    Sincerely Alex Jennnings

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