Art & Science on the Kindle

March 9, 2009

For those of you that have asked, yes you can purchase a copy of my book for the kindle. The direct link (for those of you in the US) is here

It’s still a hefty 55 bucks but I guess that’s a bit of a discount over the normal list price.

The biggest problem with getting the Kindle version is that you can’t see any of the lush color images that are in the 2nd edition. But a partial solution is to go to here and you can see all the images from the book (except the studio examples, which I can’t legally post) in glorious full RGB. Or sRGB as the case may be.

You can also try and track down a friend who bought the hard-copy and borrow the DVD-ROM that comes with it – the images are on there too, along with some sample materials that you also don’t get with the Kindle version.

If anybody is bold enough to buy the Kindle version, let me know if it’s proving useful. It certainly weighs a lot less!


5 Responses to “Art & Science on the Kindle”

  1. hayroob Says:

    I got the first chapter sample, which was readable, but I bought a print copy today and I don’t think there’s any comparison. I want to trust that the image I am scrutinizing on the page isn’t skewed by the screen I’m viewing it on and so forth so I think the extra bucks are well spent.

  2. Ron Says:

    Yeah, I can’t really recommend the Kindle version unless you’ve got the money to buy both. (In which case I’m happy for you to do so! 🙂

  3. Hello.

    Today have arriver to my house the art and science of digital compositing, second edition book. Iam begginer in 3D short production and I have not produced any short film. Only 3D modeling and trying working with tutorials, magazines and books about of animation work. This book is very good, very advanced for me, but, this tools and knowledge, science, is important to living in the animation and film world. I hope in short time to realize my first 3D short films, but with god quality.
    Iam steel machinery operator, plastic injection and other small familiar bussiness, 2 years with Blender 3D software (Blender node compositor? what it is?), gimp and inscape (and Linux) user, musician, future drawing and digital painting… and crazy, dream crazy men (39 years)

    This book is cool, time for reading muchachos.

    Tank you Ron Brinkmann.


  4. kat Says:

    I cannot find the kindle version of the 2nd edition at Could you tell me where to get it? I had the 1st edition years ago btw. Thank you.

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