Book Status

January 13, 2008

For those of you that have been asking (and asking, and asking) about the status of the 2nd edition of my book, here’s the deal:

I’ve turned in all of the writing (whew!) and someone in a dark room is now busily going through the entire manuscript with a fine-toothed-comb and a sharp-red-pencil and making snide comments about my (lack of) grammatical correctitude.

I’m still putting together some files for inclusion on the DVD that will be bundled with the book – mostly just the images that are a part of the book.

I’m still talking with the publisher about what the cover is going to look like. More on that in a bit.

Schedule-wise, it’s probably a couple more months before it’s on the shelves. Once copyediting is done then there’s some final layout stuff and then it’s off to be printed in China. And then back on the slow boat.

NAB is the goal, by the way, but it’s not clear yet if that’s going to be available-for-purchase at NAB or just preview-copy-you-can’t-have-it at NAB.


2 Responses to “Book Status”

  1. kris Says:

    I was running a search looking for some new books to add to my library. I’ve seen the reviews on the last edition, looks awesome.

  2. Owen Says:

    Good to see that you’ve pretty much completed your part – I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I asked an Elsevier rep about it at a recent convention I attended and she said something about a delay, though didn’t give specifics. Hope you’re just being pessimistic about the release date, I’ve been ready to buy it since I first heard about it about 8 months ago.

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